So, what exactly does RDL Energy Services do?  We provide a contract workforce to companies with labor-intensive functions.

Staffing is difficult. Recruiting for entry-level employees is time consuming.  Matching the available workforce to production requirements is a hassle.  RDL Energy Services has strategies to handle these problems.

On-site staffing is our business.  As needs change, we respond instantly.  Need more people for the next shift?  We’ll have our employee’s come in to work.  Have a problem on the line?  We’ll go out on the floor and handle it.


RDL holds insurance certifications to cover all personnel on and offshore.  RDL also has an approved DOT Drug and Alcohol program.

We take all the staffing worries off our clients’ hands with reassurance that our office staff is available 24/7 to provide quality trained employees as needed.


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