RDL Energy Services provide Clients with the most qualified and highly skilled labor force available.  Companies have made RDL Energy Services their first choice because we meet our clients’ needs precisely, quickly, and cost effective with highly skilled employees.  We have outstanding benefits and deep regional experience in top markets.

Services we offer our clients:

*Payroll Services

*Medical/life Insurance for all employees

*CDL Drivers

*Offshore personnel

*Pipeline personnel

*Wind Energy Construction personnel

*Scaffolding personnel

*Licensed Riggers

*Maintenance personnel

*Electrical, Instrumentation, and HVAC Personnel

*Mechanical & Hydraulic bolting personnel

*Quality Inspectors

*Engineering / Technical

*Fabrication and Construction Personnel

*Management personnel

*Marine Services



*Well Services

*Drilling Personnel

*Inspection and NDT personnel


*Blaster and Painter personnel

*Wireline Personnel


*Equipment Operators





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